Drive better customer experiences with AI chatbots. Cognitive provides an entire platform to create, specify, test, and integrate chatbot solutions that engage, support, and help your customers.

With an industry-first telephony integration, Cognitive's chatbots are able to dial and receive phone calls, speaking directly to customers to provide expert support and engagement. Cognitive's chatbots speak multiple languages, and are able to use other business communication channels such as SMS, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and many others.

With Cognitive's Chatbots you can take your best customer support personnel and replicate, and scale massively. Automate tedious and monotonous support calls, and let your customer people do what they do best: solve the hard problems that no bot can ever undertake.

Virtual Advisor

Drive better experience using the Cognitive Engine to automatically tailor your bots to each individual customer. Cognitive's proprietary Engine can easily customize your bots to provide tailored-made experiences for your customers. The engine remembers previous interactions to further refine its ability to quickly and easily support your customers. For example, the Cognitive Engine can speak over 18 languages.

With an easy to use API, you can integrate your own database and products and automatically provide customized recommendations to your customers.


Whatever your industry, make problems of prediction, classification, anomaly detection, and optimization into a simple and repeatable process. For all these tasks, The Cognitive Engine is a general AI computing engine. Without the need for a team of data scientists, Cognitive Engine makes AI accessible to even the most junior of programmers.

Packaged as an API, the Cognitive Engine allows to go from prototype to a production solution in unbeatable time. Unlike other solutions, it can also be deployed on embedded devices such as routing equipment, or embedded car systems.